It's wonderful to hear that you are planning a wedding.

EncorENTERTAINMENT congratulates you and your fiancé and we are happy to provide you with this wedding checklist. It will make planning this special event much easier.

Most of the important details you will need to consider are included on the list. Even so, each wedding is unique in its family traditions, personal preferences and ethnic and religious heritage. You may wish to modify the checklist to suit your own needs and desires.

Planning is everything when it comes to the real important events in life. As your plans unfold, look to us to make your wedding memorable.

EncorENTERTAINMENT specializes in providing the best in entertainment to fit all kinds of party plans. Please feel free to contact us at 508-993-1999 to assist with your wedding needs.

Six to Twenty-Four Months Ahead


Four to Six Months Ahead

Two to Four Months Ahead

One to Two Months Ahead

One to Two Weeks Ahead

The Night Before

Your Wedding Day

and you, too, will "Set the Stage" for a great event!

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