An Interactive Insect Experience

The Bugman believes that the best way to teach about Arthropods is to introduce people to the real, living bugs.
Bug 1
The Joy of Bugs program
includes at least four different live invertebrate species, display specimens and one of our talented BUG-people.

This educational, interactive and entertaining presentation brings the living world of bugs to people and students of all ages.

Topics we generally cover include:
  • Form and function of insects and their relatives.
  • The value of Arthropods
  • Sharing the Earth's limited space with our bug neighbors.

All our animals can be handled safely (or we don't take them out of their cages).

Our program runs between 45 minutes and one hour depending on your schedule.
It is designed for audiences under 30 people but we can modify the program for larger groups.

Our BUG-people are trained to adjust the level of the program to suit the age group of the audience.

Our program provides your audience a terrific opportunity to get up close and personal with our bugs.
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and you, too, will "Set the Stage" for a great event!

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