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Matt's DJ Service has provided Professional Night Club D.J.'s since 1976. In those early years before variable speed turntables were around, D.J.'s learned to mix songs by using glasses on the top of records.

At that time, the only way to become a mix-master was through an apprenticeship method, which meant watching leading record company D.J.'s all night in the corner of the D.J. booth. The apprentice D.J. asked technical questions until expertise was demonstrated so that the apprentice would be allowed to spin for the first time in front of 1,000's of dancers. It usually took 6 months or so before the apprentice was trained and out of the apprenticeship mode.

Matt's DJ's have watched some of the most famous Billboard D.J.'s in the country and have provided music for personalities like Wolfman Jack, Herb Reed and the Platters, Jeff Healey, Little Suzie, Johnie-O, Sergio and Marvellete's.

Master Disc-Jockeys

Matthew Vangel Raymond Jesus

A Master-Mixer's Personality
  • Do not force-feed music education on the audience
  • When a request is made, it is queued immediately
  • The audience is the most important element
  • The tempo is continuously modified
  • Sound Levels (air pressure) are monitored continuously, louder is not better.

Customer Benefits
  • Affordable pricing
  • Customer designs the music programming
  • Music monitored to prevent audience deafening by loud speakers
  • High quality sound/lighting equipment
  • Disc-Jockey’s arrive early
  • Continuous music and music requests played quickly
  • 6-hour performances receive 2 pro Disc-Jockeys at no extra cost
  • Disc-Jockeys available by pager, email, telephone, and fax for consultation

Pricing varies based on specific DJ hired

and you, too, will "Set the Stage" for a great event!

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