The Wizard
Mr. Wizard is in a bad mood because today is his birthday and he doesn't like his birthday. Samantha, Mr. Wizard's friend, has a plan to get Mr. Wizard to change his mind. She will need the help of some of her animal friends and of course the audience. In the end, Mr. Wizard enjoys the best birthday ever.
Fantasy Puppets

The Dralligator Show

There once lived a strange creature in the swamp amongst many alligators. Although she looked like an alligator, she was different in many ways. When she cannot find any friends in the swamp, she goes out into the world to find her true identity.
Dedicated to the fine art of puppetry.

Our commitment is to bring quality puppet shows to children of all ages
and to preserve an art form as old as enchantment itself.
If your group is interested in all or any aspect
of puppetry, we will design a workshop to meet your needs.

and you, too, will "Set the Stage" for a great event!

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